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Standard Room

Our over-sized standard rooms are the largest in Ambon and offer all the services you would expect from a first-class hotel with a low cost. Standard Room is our greatest value for one or couples. The room sleeps up to two people available in single or twin bed.

We provide adequate facilities like a shower with hot & cold water, air conditioner like other room, TV cable with 40 Channels, ree Wi-fi to support your bussines and Hair Dryer as well. The room you need to relax trough recently refreshed guestrooms come with all amenities you need to feel right at home or just to enjoy an escape from the ordinary, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or both.

Don’t forget to check our gallery on the thumbnail below and get the detail of this Standart Room Marina Hotel.

Room Details



  • Available in Single Bed/Twin Bed
  • Hot/Cold Water
  • Air Conditioner
  • TV Cable (40 Channels)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shower + Hair Dryer
  • Deposit Box


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